Samhwa Paint Delivers Homemade Mask Straps to People with Developmental Disabilities

July, 26, 2021

Samhwa Paint Industry Co., Ltd. (CEO and President Jinsu Oh) announced that it had conducted a non-face-to-face volunteer activity called 'Mask Strap Making' for the developmentally disabled. 

This program is designed to help people with developmental disabilities wear masks conveniently without the risk of losing them at a time when wearing masks has become routine due to COVID-19.  

Samhwa Paint's in-house volunteer group and 50 employee volunteers made a mask strap while watching a video shared in advance with family, friends, and colleagues for a month in June. 200 mask straps made in a knotting method so that they can be used for a long time will be delivered to the Chunghyeon Welfare Center, a facility for the developmentally disabled in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.

An official from Samhwa Paint said, "We hope that the donation of mask straps will help people with developmental disabilities to prevent infection with COVID-19."

In addition, Samhwa Paint is conducting various social contribution programs for the disabled. While supporting the improvement of educational facilities used by visually impaired children and the production of Braille books, we have developed a color universal guide that can be applied to the living spaces of the developmentally disabled with the Korea Color Universal Design Association, and are continuously improving the space. 

[Picture 1] Family members of Samwha Paint employees who participated in the 'Mask Strap Making' non-face-to-face volunteer activity leave a certificate.


[Picture 2] Family members of Samwha Paint employees who participated in the non-face-to-face volunteer activity of 'Mask Strap Making' leave a certificate.