Patent for 'Eco-friendly polyurethane composition and manufacturing method for two-component composite waterproofing'

July, 26, 2021

Samhwa Paint Industrial Co., Ltd. (CEO Jin-soo Oh) announced on March 24, <TWO LIQUID TYPE ECO-FRIENDLY POLYURETHANE COMPOSITION FOR WATER PROOF COMPLEX AND PREPARATION THEROF> in Korea. A patent was obtained and published

 Polyurethane is an economical and easy construction method while exhibiting excellent mechanical properties such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance, and tensile strength

However, the existing polyurethane waterproofing method may cause cracks due to continuous vibration, contraction, and expansion of the structure, which may lead to damage to the polyurethane coating, which has a structural limit that weakens the durability of the structure. Due to these problems, composite waterproof construction by adding sheet waterproofing method to polyurethane waterproofing has been applied in various ways in order to increase resistance to cracking, but there was no composition having physical properties and eco-friendliness suitable for such construction.

Accordingly, Samhwa Paint has excellent mechanical properties that can be applied to the composite waterproofing method and invents a method for producing a polyurethane two-component composition that does not use the four major heavy metals (lead, chromium, mercury, cadmium) and toxic carcinogen phthalate plasticizers. did.

An official from Samhwa Paint said, "The product made of the polyurethane composition of the present invention is Green Waterproof Master Jungdo, KSF3211 Class 1, and as the eco-friendly demand for waterproofing materials is increasing, we will lead the eco-friendly paint market through the present invention."