This product which have remarkable thermal insulation capability and usability is spray type urethane foam for thermal insulation or freezing house, factory, house..

Spray type urethane foam

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1. How to use

  • Superfoam 228 is consist of two component, A(Hardner-Isocyanate) and B(Main component-polyol Mixture)
  •  We can make a thermal insulation layer on a substrate using spray machine(Gusmer, Graco, Glas Graft) with the ratio of A:B = 1:1

2. Precautions (Spraying)

  • Products must be stored less than 20C in a dry, cool, dark place
  • Avoid the intrusion of moisture and direct rays in the open air
  • Use the products as fast as possible from manufactured day(within three months)
  • 1:1 measured by volume is essential when machine operating.

3. Precautions (Handling)

  • Cleaning of water, oil, veneer board dregs and paints on substrate before work
  • Work prohibited when high humidity, raining 

5. Warning

  • Please refer our warning notice.

6. Law

  • SUPERFOAM-228 is a product that meets the VOC regulations stipulated in the usage classification proposed by the Air
  • Quality Preservation Act.
  • For more information, please refer to the "Atmospheric Environment Conservation" in the Appendix.
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Applied over Concrete, Steel Components
2 part
Cream time (sec, 20°C)
3.5 ± 1.5
Gel time (sec)
Free rise density (Kg/ m3) 28 ± 2
Foam density (Kg/m2)
Thermal conductivity (W/MK)


Absortion amount (g/100cm2) 3.033이상
Packing Unit

<A part>: 250Kg
<B part>: 230Kg

Shelf Life
6 months (0~15°C)
3 months (20~25°C)
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Other Products
Super Foam 230S is medium-density, rigid polyurethane spray foam with excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, adhesion to the surface and excellent thermal insulation. In addition, the resulting foam is uniform and continuous so that the mechanical properties and the water absorption are good, and the suitable workability is excellent due to the reactivity, and construction is possible regardless of the season.
Super Foam 224 is low- free rise density rigid spray foam that has excellent thermal conductivity, dimensional stability, and adhesion to the ground surface. In addition, generation and form uniformly and continuously followed by good mechanical properties and resistance to water absorption, and by the suitable reactive workability is excellent and can be constructed regardless of the season.