SUPERDECK H-290LC is a special paint with a spray coating system with Urea and Urethane bonds in the molecule. It is a hybrid polyurea type paint that has excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosive property, adhesion and abrasion resistance.
  • Concrete building Roof and wall waterproof coating
  • Repair and reinforcement of concrete structures (structures with vibration and cracks) Coating
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1. Surface treatment

  • The recommended primer and the intermediate coated surface should be clean to prevent moisture, oil, dust, and other foreign matter.

2. Weather condition

  • Ambient temperature: -5 to 50 °C
  • Surface temperature: -5 to 50 °C
  •  Relative humidity: 80% or less
  • Surface water content: less than 6%
  • The surface temperature should be at least 3 °C above the dew point temperature to prevent condensation

3. Spray equipment

  • Graco HPE-10, E-10, EXP-2, HXP-3

4. Caustion for usage

  • Avoid painting on rainy days, high humidity (80% or more), low temperature (-5 °C or lower), etc. has exist)
  •  Before using this product, stir thoroughly with a motorized dissolver in the <Part B> with the color. Colors may appear differently due to sedimentation of the toner.
  • Proper primer coating should be done according to the type of substrate.
  • Based on normal temperature (25 °C), after curing for 7 days, it can be expected to complete physical property.

5. Warning

  • Please refer to the warning in the appendix.

6. Application system

  • Primer : SUPERDECK 100, SUPERDECK 110,
  • Intermediate 1 : SUPERDECK 170, SUPERDECK 180, SPEEDDECK 102PLUS
  • Intermediate 2 : SUPERDECK H-290LC
  • Top coat : SUPERDECK 300 (If necessary)
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Finish Semi gross Color Each color
Applied over Concrete, Steel, Urethane foam
Volume Solid
Approximately 99%
Recommended Coverage
2.2 kg/m2 (D.F.T : 2mm)
Coats 1~2 * Consider Loss and surface condition.
Recoat time(25°C)
3 ~ 24hr
Dry times(25°C)

Dry touch : Within 60 seconds
Initial Drying : less than 20 minutes

Tensile strength (N / mm2) 16±3
Hardness (Shore A) 90±10 Tensile strength (N/mm2) 5.5 ±1
Tear strength (N / mm)
70±15 Elongation(%)
Packing Unit
<A>: 220Kg, 19.5Kg Shelf Life
6 months
(When stored indoors at 5~35C)
Drying time(25°C)
Drying Through : 24hrs

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Other Products
SUPERDECK U-285 is special paint with spray coating method with Urea bond in the molecule. This is Pure urea-type paint for hard use without organic solvents and heavy metals, excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosion and abrasion resistance.
SUPERDECK 180, mainly composed of Urethane resin, is an elastic floor coating that provides non-slip quality that is suitable for polyurea sealing as well as interior coating for architectural surfaces. It is a soft touch, anti-abrasion coating with superior adhesion for a beautiful finish..
SUPERDECK 100 is an elastic primer designed with elastic urethane resin as the main vehicle and has excellent penetration ability, minimizes pinholes in concrete coating and it has excellent adhesion with polyurea coating system strong.