SUPERDECK 180, mainly composed of Urethane resin, is an elastic floor coating that provides non-slip quality that is suitable for polyurea sealing as well as interior coating for architectural surfaces. It is a soft touch, anti-abrasion coating with superior adhesion for a beautiful finish..
Use for polyurea sealing.
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1. Surface treatment

  • Prepare the surface free from any loose cement, dust, oil, moisture and other contaminants.

2.Environmental conditions

  • Air temperature: 5~35°C
  • Surface temperature: 5~35°C
  • Relative humidity: up to 85%
  • The surface temperature must be at least 3°C above the dew point to prevent moisture condensation.

3.Application Equipment

  • Air spray, brush and roller applicable

4.Safety Precautions

  • Mixing ratio must be observed and uniformly stir with a power mixer for about 3~5minutes before use.(Use an electric mixer over 1000RPM,500W)
  • Since the hardener reacts with moisture, store any unused paint products in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.
  • Mixed paint should be used within pot life.
  • Keep away from heat and open flames.
  • Recommended “Shelf life” should be observed. If not, please call to our technical support team.

5. Warning notice

  • Please consult our enclosed here with warning notice.

6. Typical Systems

  • Preceding primer : SUPERDECK 100, etc.
  • Preceding intermediate : SUPERDECK U, H, R series, etc.
  • Top coat : SUPERDECK300, 301 (in case of need), etc.
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Finish Semi-gloss Color Various color
Applied over Concrete
Volume Solid
Recommended Coverage
Recoat time(25°C)
After 2hr
Mixing ratio(weight)

part A:part B = 2 : 1

Hardness(Shore) 82±5 (A Type)
20±5 (D Type)
Theoretical coverage 1.3kg/m2 (@D.F.T 1mm)
Allow for application losses and surface irregularities.
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 5.5 ±1
Thinning ratio
Max. 5% (by volume) Elongation(%)
Drying Through : 24hrs Packing unit
Part A : 14.7KG
Part B : 7.4KG
Drying time(25°C)
Drying Through : 24hrs Shelf life
6 months (When stored indoors at 5~35°C)
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Other Products
SUPERDECK U-285 is special paint with spray coating method with Urea bond in the molecule. This is Pure urea-type paint for hard use without organic solvents and heavy metals, excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosion and abrasion resistance.
SUPERDECK H-290LC is a special paint with a spray coating system with Urea and Urethane bonds in the molecule. It is a hybrid polyurea type paint that has excellent impact resistance, cold resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, durability, anticorrosive property, adhesion and abrasion resistance.
SUPERDECK 100 is an elastic primer designed with elastic urethane resin as the main vehicle and has excellent penetration ability, minimizes pinholes in concrete coating and it has excellent adhesion with polyurea coating system strong.